i wanna live in the sky

i have a newfound infatuation with the sunset..
pics via blackberry cam.


the world is..pink?

Music was my (Intro) to this extravaganza called life. It took the place of real relationships, and although not tangible, it gave me comfort. Ive never been called a Loser(to my face..), but i can relate to the feelings of depression and angst.. It can be frustrating when She's So High and all you seem to catch are the lows.. the Voices in my head tell me the struggle is all worth it, and true enough, i see the light at the end of the tunnel from time to time, but id be the Boy Who Cried Wolf if i said id made it just because my record got a few spins.. i want people to relate.. to feel a certain way when they hear it, but substance is foreign to most.. sometimes i actually feel as if its me that wont Let Me Live, because i put unnecessary pressure on myself to break out of situations that may be just what i need at the time and i don't even realize it. I once prayed for Brighter Days.. but nowadays its for peace of mind. the type of calm that you can possess regardless of the weather. The Cookout brings a lot of familiar faces, and a lot of people you've never seen, but you realize they exist.. sorta like the Sat(t)elite's. I go back and forth in my mind with what my real goal is.. what it is that i really want to accomplish.. I want to Live Life To The Fullest, if nothing else.. but i wont ever leave her (..music..or her?) no matter how far i get away, or think about breaking the cycle, i always Come Back To You. my Latte is getting cold as i type this, but it represents one of the small joys that never gets old.. the sun is always Shinin'--whether or not it reaches you is up to choice, fate, God..which ever one you choose to believe in. All i ask is that you believe in me, believe in yourself.. and regardless of the circumstances, just know that Ill Be Around.