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tipping the scale.

During the course of the documentary that I've begun filming profiling life outside of my comfort zone.. or "homelessness" if you will, I've come to know myself so much more through blessing others. A gift from someone who seemingly doesn't have much to give. We pass by the unfortunate day to day.. Never giving thought to their struggle.. Mainly caught up with what's on our menu for today.. Literally and figuratively. I'm not the biggest humanitarian, or even the most religious out of the bunch.. But with so much in my hands in the form of blessings, how could I possibly receive bigger and better things without first letting something go? ..Freeing up space for what is yet to come..

One person in particular interrupted me in the middle of filming him and asked if I was happy. My first inclination was to say yes, but I hesitated.. Suddenly I was no longer the questionnaire. He repeated a little louder..,"are you happy?" I started with "..somewhat, but I could always be.." Then he interrupted and posed the question yet again. This time I remained silent. As the last car rolled past and the streetlights began to illuminate me like a spotlight.. I realized that no, I wasn't happy.. Something was missing.. And although I didn't recognize it at that point, this was going to be the start of something beautiful and more meaningful than anything I'd ever done.

To Be Continued.
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the regeneration project.

filmed/edited by yours truly.