track three.

only picture i could find on google. the record must be hard to come by.. ive found some gems at criminal records. the exciting part of digging is that you never know what you'll find, so its a new inspiration everytime.

the love unlimited and love unlimited orchestra provided the 'soundscape' to a lot of barry white records you hear. i sampled a song called 'walking in the rain with the one i love'(lol@ the length of the title)..its a pretty dope record. i played it at 45rpm to get the "chipmunk" effect..almost missed it because i usually just let music play all night while im doing other things, but the sample caught me instantly..it became a hot track in less time than i thought it would.

emailed it to jamar; his project is maxed out.. but i should have about 3 placements on the upcoming project, so definitely look out for that. '09 is gonna be a great year...


now that ive taken the initiative and somewhat mastered the art of self motivation, things have been moving a lot smoother and ive become more efficient with my 'product' (beats that is). I ran into Maestro, better known as the guy behind wayne's 3peat (off Carter 3), Prostitute Flange, and Ne-Yo's Closer remix.. real cool dude. Chopped it up about different equipment, clearing sample, etc. Got his contact info, so hopefully that'll turn into something positive. The last couple months ive talked to rick ross, jeezy, sean garrett, saigon, and a few others...
im on the fence with wale would describe as 'artistic integrity' because although i know my records arent suitable for most of the artists i run into, the networking opportunities would be golden.. 

speaking of networking

I went to the idomusic event at the apache cafe at the start of december and it went semi-well. the showcased artists were ehh..but the networking part is what i enjoyed the most. they had well known producers and managers in the building, so it was a chance to garner valuable information and also provided for a little debate as far as the state of music.

ive also learned (even though i knew it all along..) that if you really want something done, your best bet is to just do it yourself. dependable ppl have become a rare breed...


track two.

Soul Portrait ended up going from just a few songs i wanted to chop into my own personal record.

making beats..its easy to be a beat maker. being a producer, having a vision for the project and working with the artist to see it fulfilled is a totally different story. atlanta is probably the worst scene for me to jump into musically..surface people, superficial lyrics, and the beats.. ah, the beats.

ive done about two songs from this record so far. when my hard drive crashed(times two) i lost the first songs i made..but it was probably a blessing in disguise because once re-made they sounded a lot better. initally i wanted to flip every song on the album, but i realized how much that would limit me once i started listening to the other albums i bought..

after numerous takes and editing in imovie..
still dont have my "vlog" done. 
coming sooner than later though


track one.

It Aint Rainin'

I was in my usual semi-intoxicated stage listening to vinyl last night..
started with bobby womack, but i was looking for a different sound;
something more.."dramatic" (pun intended).I got to the intro of one song and heard the thunderstorms and raindrops and thought 'okay this is shaping up to be nice'... what came after was unexplainable. 

everything just flowed together perfectly. i havent heard instrumentation like that in a while. i ran it back(and back again).. but it was different, instead of just one section of the song to flip, the whole record just moved me..even the lyrics. a pity party of sorts because when it all falls down, you feel its falling on you- and you only.

needless to say 6 hours later with tons af arranging,looping, slicing, deleting.. i finally came up with the song. mind you, no drums, no hi hats..JUST the loops. 3 powernap hours later im back up and at the plantation.

the finishing touches will be added tonight.

happy early birthday to myself.
mini-history in the making.


i think passion is a lost art.
for some its much easier to do things half-assed with half the effort, but become so surprised when they get half the product back. cliche as it may sound.. life really is give and take. what's invested usually becomes your return.

the diary of a broke producer is my journal of progress
into what they call the music business. making beautiful noise runs in the family, so the instrumentation comes with ease.. the business end of the spectrum doesnt seem as appealing because it tends to dilute the product to a point where the true origin is almost unrecognizable; but everything is give and take, right?

my main goal doesnt revolve around trying to 'get signed' or to make enough advance money to afford the entire black damier collection(its appealing..) i really just want to make good music for a select few that get it. a select few where the 'box' is non existent..the select few that feels some sort of way when their favorite record comes on. the passionate ppl.

those are my fans.

new music w/the talented j.nolan coming soon.